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The goodie bag of the Glowcon Hanover :-)

Hello lovelies,

a few days ago I got my prize of an Instagram competition by @Fashion.Ahoi.

Unfortunately I could not go to the Glowcon in Hanover this year because I was busy.
So I was very happy as I noticed that I won this nice goodie bag.

I show you what was inside:

First there were these nice samples from Gucci and Lancaster by Flaconi.de.
I am looking forward to test them.The perfume by Gucci is called `Guilty`.
And the sample by Lancaster is a rich moisturizer. I also like this nice little pink sac. :-)

I am also excited to test these products. A few days ago I wrote about Balea (have a look) and in my opinion these products are great ! So this is a shower gel.
The other one is a wonder oil spray for hair. I will test it because sometimes my hair is electric charged.
Especially in fall and winter! Maybe you know what I mean ...

I also got this nice lip balm by Lavera and nice earrings by Ebelin. The earrings are even gold-plated!
When I saw the Fashion - Tape by Wonderstripes I was really amused. I never tried this before, so I am very excited to test it! :-)

These products are nice if you are on the go.
I think a brush combined with a hand mirror needs every woman in her bag. And a deodorant cloth too! Especially if the weather is about 30 degrees like now!
I also get these dental floss sticks. This is very nice because you can put them into your handbag if you are on the go. Very useful!

I get two of the nice samples by Treaclemoon. The green one is shower cream and the rose one is bodylotion. I tried some of these products a few weeks ago when I was at DM drugstore. Very nice!
The peach young pack were tampons. Very nice packaging I think.

At last there are a few samples for make up.
First there is this nice gentle cleansing foam by Malu Wilz. I am looking forward to test it. It smells really nice!
Then I have this mascara by Alverde. This is a natural cosmetics brand. I heard a lot of positive opinions about it. So I will test it soon.
I also got a cream lipstick by NYX. This brand is also popular but I have to say that I never tried it before. I am curious about it!
The kohl stick is made by Cosiline. Made in Germany. I do not know this brand but I will test it too.

Here you can see the products all together. I think that there were a lot of products in this bag!

And I promise: Next year I will appear at the Glowcon in Hanover! :-)

Have a nice Sunday!!


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Look of Saturday/Ootd :-)

Hi girls and boys,

today I show you my outfit of the day.
Unfortunately the hot days are over and it is raining at the moment.
Time to say goodbye to summer ... :-(

But today I wear an offshoulder blouse because it is not so cold.

The blouse and the jeans are from H&M. They have a lot of nice clothes at the moment. I could buy everything :-)

I also wear my Coccinelle bag to this outfit because it is an eye-catcher. And of course I love it.

It fits perfectly to my watch.

My necklace is from NAKD (www.nakd.com). They have such nice clothes and jewelry ... Have a look on their page.

Of course I wear my new Adidas Superstars metal toes. I love them. I am an Adidas Superstars addict :-)

I hope you like my outfit.

Have a nice weekend. See you soon.