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Es werden Posts vom August, 2016 angezeigt.

Hot hot hot :-) (Werbung)

Hi lovelies,

today we took these pictures early in the morning because the last few days we had about 34 degrees.

It was more comfortable to took these pictures when it was about 23 degrees.

I show you my look of today. The weather should be very sunny and hot today.
So I decided to wear my favorite dress for such a hot weather.

The dress is from H&M. Unfortunately it is not new but I love it anyway.
And mostly H&M have such dresses all the summer. It is very breezily. :-)

I chose my leather sandals to this dress (by Only) and my necklaces by NAKD. I love them. They fit to every outfit.

Today my boyfriend has a runnung competition so I will attend him and hope it will be not so hot.
But I think ice cream will help :-)

Of course I wear my Jette Joop watch. A nice watch fits to every outfit I think.

Have a nice Saturday and keep cool :-)

See you.

Shopping at DM drugstore ... :-) (Werbung)

Hello ladies,

do you know this situation when you go to DM drugstore only want to buy just a few things ?

Every time the same, you see a lot of nice and new beauty products and if you come out of DM you have such a big bag full of things you discovered.

Today it was such a day for me ...

First I saw this nice body cream with smell of coconut and vanilla. I tested it at once and it is so nice. And this cream is not expensive !

I also bought these two body lotions. Usually I buy the body lotion by Garnier but I saw this body lotion by Balea. I will test it and compare with my body lotion by Garnier.

I also found this cellulitis cream. It is like a gel. So I am excited if it works ....

The handcream by P2 is very fine ! I love it.
I use brown kohl every day so I also bought a pen by P2. And this one even has an applicator !
I needed a new transparent nail polish, so I try the one by Essence. Maybe the nail polish is better like last year ...
So far I get my eyebrows in shape by tweezers…

Outfit for Saturday ;-) (Werbung)

Hello lovelies,

today I want to show you my look for this Saturday.

In the evening we will go to an outside fire and light show and the weather is windy and about 20 degrees.
A little bit like autumn I think ...

So I decided to wear my new short pullover by Biluca. I won it a few days ago (have a look on Instagram or Facebook).
I am an addict of the colour rose. And this pullover is so fancy.

Under this pullover I wear a long shirt by Vero Moda.

I am also wearing my new choker from NAKD (www.nakd.com).

The whole outfit is special but I love it.

My handbag is from Karl Lagerfeld. I bought it when I was in the Designer Outlets in Neumünster.

So the only thing which must be great is the weather. I hope there will come no rain ....

Have a nice weekend  :-)