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What´s in my beauty bag :-) / Eyeryday look (Werbung)

What´s in my beauty bag :-) / Eyeryday look

Hello ladies,

today I want to show you what I use on make up every day.

I prefer a natural look. If I am going out for a night I use more and colourful make up like red lipstick or dark eye shadow.
But today I show you my everyday look.

First I use concealer by Catrice for my eyes (I think it is easier to put on with a little make up sponge but sometimes I also use my fingers). After that I lay on my make up. My product is from Manhattan. I really like the products of them. They are easy to use.

After that I fix my make up with loose powder by Manhattan.

For highlights I use a highlighter stick by P2. My blush is from Alterra (biological).

After that it is time for eye shadow. I prefer nude colours as you can see. :-)

For me it is very important to have the right equipment like eyelash curler or make up brushes. So I show them too.

After eye shadow I use kohl . I like pencils for using. They are more precise.

At the moment I test …

Shopping at Designer Outlet Neumünster / Look of today :-) (Werbung)

Hi girls and boys,

how are you ?

Last week I spontaneous visited the Designer Outlet Neumünster for shopping.
I was in a shopping dream :-)

There are a lot of nice brands like Guess, Gucci, Karl Lagerfeld, Escada, Furla, Hallhuber, Asics (I am also a runner) and a lot of others.

I bought a nice Gucci scarf , a little bag by Karl Lagerfeld and a Furla bag. Maybe you already saw them on Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook. But here you can see the goods again:

I was very satisfied because I saved a little bit of money by shopping in a Designer Outlet.

Today I will meet friends in the city at a "City Beach".
Unfortunately it is a little bit windy but warm.
So I decided to wear jeans and T-Shirt.

Here are the details:

As you can see I wear my new Karl Lagerfeld bag. It is a little bag but it is so nice .... :-)

The lock necklace is from Fossil and the other one is from Bijou Brigitte. I also wear my Jette Joop watch.

The blazer and the jeans are from H&M. The T-Shirt is an old…