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Fashion Finals of Fahmoda in Hanover 2016 (Werbung)

Hello ladies,

yesterday I was at the Fashion Finals 2016 in Hanover.

The Fahmoda (school of fashion and design which was established in May 2003) presented 15 young talented designer with their final collections.
At the end a winner was chosen.

I have to say that all of these young and talented designer deserved the first prize and it was really stunning because of their great collections.

The designer of this evening were: Lisa van Wersch, Vanessa Hagen, Franziska Sprengel, Vanessa Dalmann, Carolin Reuter, Paloma Krause, Alisa Schulze, Clara Siegenthaler, Judith Hauser, Hanna Schwellenberg, Melissa Schulz, Elif Ünal, Larissa Arndt, Julia Portia Allen and Dennis Hörtinger together with Hakan Solak (together "Hoertingersolak").

The winner was Lisa van Wersch. Her topic was : "The space between us - fleshed"

Here are some photos:

But the other designer also had a great collection.

I took a lot of photos, so I will present the most beautiful ones:

It was a really gre…

Keep it simple :-) (Werbung)

Hello ladies,

this is my first post - I hope you enjoy my advice. :-)

For a simple look I use basics like jeans and a turtleneck. Or a T-shirt. The key to perfect look are the accessoires. You can play with them. Use a statement necklace or an exclusive watch and you look fashionable.
Use a scarf and sneakers for a sporty look. Sometimes it brings a lot of fun to change the look again and again. Try it  ;-)

Have a nice day and see you soon !