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Outfit of Saturday (Werbung)

Hello boys and girls,
today I show you my look of Saturday.
We had to settle some things today so I decided to wear comfy clothes.
My trousers are by Orsay. They are a little bit older but you can buy such trousers always at Orsay. They have a good quality ! And red is one of my favorite colors. 

The blouse is by H&M. It is a little bit shorter but very comfortable. With the bow in the front it is very trendy. You can wear it to everything. Especially stripes are very fashionable at the moment.

Here you can see it closer.

To this outfit I wear my Coccinelle bag. I looove it :-)

The details are my watch by Jette Joop and my bracelet by Dyrberg  & Kern. My heels are by Deichmann (at my blogpost before I show them closer).
I wish you a nice weekend :-)
Bye bye.

Outfit of Saturday :-) (Werbung)

Hello lovelies,

today I show you my look of Saturday.
In the evening we went out with friends for having dinner.
So I decided to wear a blouse by Orsay. :-)

As a detail it has a bow in black and it is flouncy at the front.
I like such blouses. You can wear them to a ripped jeans for a casual look or you can wear black pants or a skirt for an elegant look. These blouses are multifunctional I think.

I also wore my Karl Lagerfeld bag to this outfit because it is also black and suits to the outfit perfectly.

I like to wear my new heels by Deichmann with this look. :-)
They have a block heel and so they are very comfortable.

Here is another closer look at the blouse.

Hope you like it. :-)

Have a nice Sunday. See you ... 

Take a break ... :-)

Hello girls and boys,

hope you have a nice Sunday.

Today my post is a little bit different than the others. It is about taking a break.

After my surgery at my back I learnt that it is important to take a break once a day. And that stress is not good for your health.

A lot of us are working at the office sitting all day. This is not healthy because the humans are made for movement.

It is important to have a balance between that.

For me it is running and going for a walk. Of course for my back I have to do weight training.

And at the moment I am loving to go for a walk because the fall is so nice. I take a deep breath and try to relax. Then you can see how beautiful it is in nature. If you are in a hurry you do not notice that.

And your body seasons to the cold weather. That is good for your health.

Of course there are different ways to relax. Sometimes I have a cozy day with a cup of coffee or tea at my sofa. Or reading a good book is also very relaxing.

Once a day you should do some …