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Es werden Posts vom Oktober, 2016 angezeigt.

Look of Sunday (Werbung)

Happy Sunday 4 everybody !

Today I show you my look.
We are planning to go for a walk on this day so I chose clothes that suit to an outdoor tour.

I wear my biker boots by Buffalo which fit to fall perfectly. They are very comfortable and you do not get wet feet !

The blouse and the jeans are by H&M.
I found both together in the shop and so I combined them.

I also wear my choker by Zara.
The material is velvet.
At the moment chokers are a big theme at the fashion world and also velvet is up-to-date.
So you can combine two trends :-)

I hope you have a nice Sunday.
See you - bye bye. ;-)

Ootd on Sunday :-) (Werbung)

Hello lovelies,

I show you my outfit of the day.
Finally today the sun is shining and later I will enjoy it by going for a walk.

I decided to wear a nice pullover in that color azur. It is by Hallhuber.

It fits perfectly to my scarf by Louis Vuitton.

I wear jeans by H&M and my shoes are by Deichmann. They have a lot of nice shoes at the moment. I could buy everything :-)

Here you can have a closer look at that scarf by Louis Vuitton. I love it  !! The material is silk.

I hope you like my look. Have a nice Sunday :-)
Bye bye.

Trip to Hamburg for two days :-) (Werbung)

Hello girls and boys,

yesterday I came back from Hamburg.
It was a short trip for two days with my boyfriend.

We stayed at Prizeotel Hamburg. It is a design hotel so you can imagine that I made some photos because it was so cool there.

The lobby was really stylish with these green eggs where you can sit in them. :-)

The rooms had different illuminations as you can see.

Ours was small but I think for a short city trip it is not necessary to have a big room because we were always on the go.

The door of our room was pink :-)

Here you can see the bar. In the morning this is a breakfast room. In the evening there are some candles and dim light for a cozy mood.

I loved this wall :-)

Unfortunately it was very cold and windy ... I had to wear my winter jacket but Hamburg is nice. It does not matter which weather situation is. And for shopping you do not need the best weather ;-)

I was at Neuer Wall in Hamburg. I bought a nice little scarf at Louis Vuitton. :-)

This scarf is so lovely  ...


Pullover time .. :-) (Werbung)

Hi lovelies,
it is so cold and rainy here in Germany...
For this reason I decided to wear a thick pullover and jeans.
I am not accustomed to this weather.
The pullover by Zara is new. At the moment you can buy a lot of nice pullovers there. Have a look ! :-)
My jeans are by H&M. And my sneakers are Superstars made by Adidas.  It is a new metal toe line.

My Michael Kors bag is very suitable to this look I think.
It is a nice brown colour which suits also for fall. And the color of my pullover harmonizes to the bag perfectly.

As accessory I wear two rings. The right one is by Bijou Brigitte and the left one is by Pandora.

Here you can see my metal toes Superstars. I hope they do not get dirty so fast  ..

I hope you have a better and warmer weather and I wish you a nice weekend !

Bye bye.

Ootd / Glamour Shopping Week (Werbung)

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

today I show you my look of today AND the look of my boyfriend.

Yesterday we were shopping with the Glamour Shopping Card here in Germany and we got a lot of nice new clothes.

 I found this nice plissé skirt at H&M. With the Glamour Shopping Card you get 20 % off there for this week. So it was not expensive and I decided to buy it.
You can wear sneakers to a plissé skirt or high heels.
I wear a jeans blouse to it and my beloved Adidas Superstar with glitter.

My bomber jacket is also new.
I found it at a nice little shop in Hanover. Luckily this shop had also a discount promotion and I also spent 20 % of the full price.
I think it is worth it to have a look at the stores.

Here is the look of my boyfriend:

The jacket is from Mango Man and the khaki coloured jeans is made by S.Oliver. The shoes are from Bugatti.
The turtleneck pullover is from H&M Selected by David Beckham.

He also got some other nice things:

The bomber jacket and the pullover are al…