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Es werden Posts vom Dezember, 2016 angezeigt.

In Style Box (winter) (Werbung)

Hello lovelies,

a few days ago my In Style Box arrived and I want to show you all the products which were inside.
This time it was a really nice box I think.

First there was this Hydra Bomb Mask inside the box. I know it because I use it now and then.
I can really recommend it !

Then there were these beautiful postcards in the box. They are by Jo & Judy. They make creative stuff like calenders or notepads. Very nice.

I was really happy to get this hair clip by Rapunzel of Sweden. I will test it soon !

In the box was this handcream by Sabon. I never heard something about it. So I am excited to test it.

And then there was this nice body cream of Bulgari. I was very glad to get it because such things are mostly expensive. So it is nice to have it.

This shower gel by Kneipp fits to winter because it smells like vanilla.

In the box there was also an odorant superfood tea. I just tested it and it is delicious !

For refining desserts I got this spice "das Zeug". I am excited.…

Oversize pullover :-) (Werbung)

Happy Saturday 4 everybody,

today I decided to wear one of my beloved oversize pullovers.
At the moment oversize clothes are a big issue at the fashion world. And I think it is a great trend. Especially now in winter.

This pullover is by Zara and very cozy :-)
You can combine it with a nice scarf like I do. The scarf is by Codello. They have a lot of nice scarves and I coud buy everyone ....

To this outfit I wear my beloved Furla bag.
I do not like dark colours in winter. So mostly I try to wear bright colours or clothes which are colored.

I also love my Adidas Superstar Metal Toes.
They are "good weather shoes" because of all that white but I try to wear them anyway.
By the way I have a nice tip for you to clean your white sneakers: Use toothpaste and a toothbrush and a little bit of water. Then you clean carefully with the toothbrush your white soles. After that you can wash up the toothpaste. I clean all my sneakers this way. :-)

As you can see they are still white.

I ho…

My favorite hair products (Werbung)

Hello lovelies,

after a few people asked how I care my hair I decided to write a blogpost about my favorite hair products.

Actually it is not something special but I show you the products:

This is one of my favorite shampoos:

After the treatment with it my hair is very smooth. I have the problem that my hair is very dry and especially in winter my hair is electrical charged. So I use also special products.

These oil sprays give moisture to the hair. Especially this one by Rene Furterer is for body AND hair. I use oil sprays an hour before I wash my hair. Then the oil can sink in it and give the moisture the hair need.

For a an easier comb-out after washing the hair this spray conditioner is very nice. Use it ! I can really recommend it. And it is not necessary to wash it out.

In the meantime if the hair is electrical charged again I use this day cream for hair by Rene Furterer. I use it every day because if you wear a beanie or hat you know this problem. Some people use hand cream b…