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Es werden Posts vom April, 2016 angezeigt.

Look of the weekend (Werbung)

Hello fashion victims ;-)

this weekend I finally wore my new clothes.
As you noticed before in my posts I bought new clothes in pastel.
So here you can see some of them.

Unfortunately today we had a winter day with snow, rain and hail. And it was about 5 degrees - too cold to wear only a blazer or thinner clothes.
But on Saturday the sun shined and it was very nice.
I have to admit that I am very bugged about this cold and changeable weather.
But I hope it will be better in future.
Here are the details: The coat is from Zara, the blazer and jeans are from H&M, the blouse is from Zara, the Sneakers are from Adidas.

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I hope you like my post and we see us soon :-)

It is time to wear pastel for spring and clean up the closet :-) (Werbung)

Hello ladies,

a few days ago I was on the website of Orsay (www.orsay.com) here in Germany.

I found these nice things you can see above. Now if it is getting warmer and sunny I am in the mood to wear bright colours. As you can see I bought three trousers and one blouse.
It is amazing which influence the sun has but now I am happy if I can wear these things. Unfortunately today it is rainy and about 10 degrees but in the next days the sun should shine more. I think it is a little bit like holidays if you can wear thin clothes and sunglasses.

Here you can see my new coat from Zara (of course in bright colour):

By the way, I also cleaned up my closet. I had a look at all of my clothes and everything which I did not wear for a year or was washed-out has been put away. Now I have also space for new things :-)

I hope you like my post. Maybe I could motivate you also for clean up your closet. ;-)

Have a nice Sunday - see you soon.

I love my Trenchcoat :-) (Werbung)

Hello ladies,
finally the days are getting warmer and we do not need the winter coat. At the moment I love my trenchcoat :-) You can wear it to every outfit. It does not matter if you wear sneakers or high heels.  As you can see I wear it sporty on the photos. Maybe I can inspire you a little bit ... But I must say that this trenchcoat is not new. I have it for about 3 years. It is a piece which never will be out of fashion. Especially in this beige or black colour.And it is durable for years ! If you want to buy a trenchcoat have a look at the quality and seams (see my post before about "Quality of materials"). Mostly a good trenchcoat is not low priced so check it before you buy :-)

I hope you like my post  -  see you soon ladies. Have a nice Sunday !

Glamour Shopping Week (Werbung)

Hello ladies,

it is Glamour Shopping Week here in Germany !

I love it ! It started yesterday at 2nd of April and ends 8th of April.

Twice a year the fashion magazine "Glamour" starts the Glamour Shopping Week. With the card you see on the magazine you get different sales discounts in the shops. In the magazine you can find the partners who take part in this event.
For fashionistas it is the paradise for a week. You get for example 20 % discount and I think if you buy something which is normally expensive it is nice if you can save money.
But it is also an seduction to buy a lot so you must be careful :-)
Like me, if I go to ZARA I could buy everything ... :-)

If you are living here in Germany try the Glamour Shopping Week - as I know it is also arranged in Austria.

Have fun and enjoy the nice sun :-)

I hope you like my post - see you soon ladies.