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Quality of materials (Werbung)

Hello ladies,

today I found these nice shoes for summer.

The shoes you can see above were not expensive. That brings us mostly to the result that the quality of shoes or clothes are not good.

But I can give you advice: Have a look HOW shoes and clothes are processed.
For example a T-Shirt: Have a look at seams - are they processed properly ? This is an evidence.
Have a look at the material - is it thin ? Then maybe it is not durable for a long time. Feel the material and if you have doubts about the quality do not buy it.

You should have a closer look at things which you want to buy - then you can wear it for a long time.
This is also a good advice for handbags.

I hope you like my advice. :-)

Have a nice day - see you soon. :-)

Look of today (dinner) (Werbung)

Hello ladies,

yesterday I was at a birthday dinner with friends.
I thought about what I am going to wear. So I decided to choose the colour red. You know it is a very dominant colour. It is important not to choose too many accessoires because it should look classy. Pearl earrings are perfect for this outfit. They are restrained. just as the shoes. Black heels. The watch was under my blouse - so nobody saw it - only for a second as I looked on it.
The blouse had red lips as design. But I passed to wear red lips because I thought that would be too much. As you can see you can do a lot of mistakes by wearing dominant colours. It is always better to be restrained. I think nobody wants to look as a clown.
I hope I could help you with these tips. :-)

Have a nice Sunday - see you soon :-) bye

Birthday Outfit (Werbung)

Hello ladies,

yesterday was my Birthday Party and the days before I had no time to write - sorry :-(

It was the same problem as every year and I think you agree: What will I wear ?

At the end I choose a destroyed jeans and an exclusive shirt. I like the mix of different kind of clothes :-)

The highlight was my necklace with a lot of pearls which were glittering. An eye catcher ;-)

The shoes  were also very special as you can see.

So it was a  `change in style` outfit but anyway it was very comfortable.

I hope you like it and maybe you get some ideas for yourself.

See you soon ladies :-)