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Es werden Posts vom Mai, 2016 angezeigt.

Look of the weekend :-) (Werbung)

Hi girls and boys,

how are you ?

I want to show you my look of the weekend.
Finally it is getting warmer but unfortunately it rains a lot :-(

Here is my outfit:

The top is from ZARA and I love it. Especially the detail with the knot in front of the top.
I also wear my glittering Adidas Superstar sneakers to this outfit.

I wear my precious Michael Kors Bag to this outfit.

And my Jette Joop watch from Christ Jewelry.

To this outfit I put on my necklace by Fossil. It is a little lock. Very sweet I think. :-)

I hope you like this look and get some inspiration for yourself.
Have a nice Sunday. See you soon  :-)

New in / Shop opening in Brunswick (Werbung)

Hello lovelies,

yesterday was full of happenings.

As I came from work, I got 3 (!) packages.

I receive my offshoulder blouse from NAKD. They have a lot of nice clothes. Have a look on their page. ;-)

Here you can see it:

I also got a new pair of shoes by ZARA.

Okay maybe they are not everybodies darling (especially for men) but I like those shoes. They are chic and fashionable. It is another way to look up-to-date without high heels.
Today I combined them with jeans.

I was also in Brunswick yesterday.
A friend of mine had a shop opening. It is called "Herzstück".

If you have the chance to have a look - do it.
Here are some impressions:

On Instagram and Facebook you can also watch a short video - maybe you have a look.
Since a few weeks I am also on Snapchat.

I hope you like my post - see you soon. Have a great weekend !

Yesterday´s look :-) (Werbung)

Hello fashion victims,

today I want to show you a new look.

Yesterday I was a little bit busy. And for me it is important that clothes are comfortable if I am on the go.

So you can see that I love my Adidas Superstar Sneakers :-)
They are so comfortable all day ... I wear them to everything.

The same counts for my clothes.

The jeans is from H&M and also the blouse.
The cardigan is from Orsay.
Unfortunately here in Germany the weather reminds me of fall at the moment. It is very windy and rainy.
Then it is not easy to wear "Summer clothes".

Here you can see the details:

The watch is from Jette Joop and the bracelet is from Dyrberg & Kern (I bought it in the designer outlets Wolfsburg, Germany).

I hope you get inspired from my outfit - I try a lot and it is a lot of fun :-)

Have a nice Sunday :-)

Look of Saturday (Werbung)

Hello ladies,

I want to show you my outfit of yesterday.

I met friends at a wine event here in Hildesheim, Germany.
It was a lot of fun tasting different types of wine and of course we were getting funnier with every glass of wine ;-)

Here are my details from yesterday:

You know I love rose gold .... :-) The blouse is from H&M (up-to-date).

On Friday I was at the designer outlets in Wolfsburg. And I bought this nice handbag from Michael Kors. 

The trousers are from Orsay and the pumps are from Tommy Hilfiger.

Here you can see the full outfit. Fortunately the weather was warm and sunny. It was a nice evening :-)
I wish you a nice Sunday - see you soon.

Look of today / enjoy the sun in the garden :-) (Werbung)

Hello lovelies :-)

I show you my look of today.
It is finally nice and warm weather with  a lot of sun.

For having barbecue I decided to wear casual clothes.

Here you can see the pieces:

The pumps are from Tommy Hilfiger (unfortunately not up-to-date), the trousers are from Orsay (new !).

The shirt is from Only - every woman needs such a shirt. It fits to everything :-)

Here you can see the entire outfit. The necklace is from Bijou Brigitte (I love rose gold ).

Sorry for looking a little bit angry but the sun was dazzling me in this moment.

Now I enjoy the sun and will sit in the garden. :-)
I hope you like the outfit. Have a great day !
See you soon.