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10 Fakten über mich :-)

Hallo ihr Lieben,

um mich besser kennenzulernen, habe ich heute einmal mit Hilfe meines Freundes 10 Fakten über mich zusammengetragen. Viel Spaß :-)

Ich habe leider einen sehr teuren Geschmack. Wenn ich in einen Laden gehe,  finde ich garantiert die teuerste Tasche toll und will sie haben. Das geht natürlich nicht immer.

Nie ohne Make-up ! Ich gehe selten, eigentlich gar nicht ohne Make-up aus dem Haus. Es sei denn, ich gehe laufen, aber meistens bin ich dann noch vom Arbeitstag geschminkt.

Seit meinem Bandscheibenvorfall im Jahr 2015 mag ich flache Schuhe. Vorher hatte ich immer hohe Schuhe an und ich mag sie auch immer noch gerne. Allerdings merke ich auch, dass flache Schuhe einfach bequemer sind. Mittlerweile bin ich ein absoluter Fan von Adidas Superstar Sneakern geworden. Sie sind stylish und bequem und passen nahezu zu jedem Outfit.

Seit der OP an meinem Rücken mache ich viel Kraft-/Ausdauersport. Genauer: HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Außerdem laufe ich…

Maurice Lacroix watch

Today I want to show you my Maurice Lacroix watch which I won in December at an Advent calender game on Instagram by @palinapralina.
You can imagine that I was very overwhelmed when I got the message that I had won it. It was the first prize of this game (24th of December).

Here you can have a closer look on it:

The watch has a leather bracelet and it is very comfortable to wear. It is not too big and besides you do not notice that you wear it.
Of course I will put it on only for special events or invitations. Such a watch is not made for wearing it everyday. It is too precious I think.

What do you think ? Do you like it ?

Have a nice weekend ! :-)

Cozy Cardigan

Hello my loves,
today I show you my look with a cozy cardigan. You know I am a rose addict (I loooove this colour) so I fell in love when I saw this cardigan. Unfortunately I cannot say anything about that boutique where I bought it. I got this cardigan at a fair so I cannot remember the name of the boutique. But I saw similar cardigans at Zara or H&M a few days ago. 
A cardigan is always a good idea I think. You can combine a lot of clothes with it.
Here I wear a blouse by Orsay under the cardigan. It is printed with little nice ballerinas :-)

To this outfit I wear my rose quartz bracelet. I bought it at Bijou Brigitte.

And my beloved choker.
Also by Bijou Brigitte.

To complete this look I wear my boots.

Let me know if you like this look.  You know I am a fan of bright colors. Especially in winter. :-)
Have a nice weekend !

Time for sale

Hello lovelies,

now it is time for sale !!
Yesterday I was in Hanover for shopping and I found this nice dress by Zara.
And I like it very much. A few months ago Zara had a similar dress in their collection but that dress was sold out within a few days. So I am happy to find this one :-)

In the past I didn't like to wear such a dress because I was not sure if I can wear an outfit like this but today I think: just do it!

Here are the details: I put two rings on and my beloved watch by Jette Joop.
The rings are by a nice little boutique in Hildesheim. I like the ring with the word `LOVE`.

My choker is by Bijou Brigitte.
There was a hype because of it and I was sure that I never get it because it was sold out. But I found it :-) and it was the last one ! So I had a little bit of luck.

By the way: my shoes are by Deichmann. :-)

Let me know if you like this look :-)

Have a nice weekend !